At Source of Life Church, we teach biblically, empowering individuals to grow in faith, promoting abundant life through Jesus. We preach the fear of the Lord, which is the source of life. Proverbs 22:4 “The fruit of humility and the fear of the Lord is wealth, glory and life”. Join us in transforming lives with the Gospel, being a source of hope and love in our community and beyond. 


Our beliefs at Source of Life Church are rooted in the Bible, affirming the one true God, Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior, the Holy Spirit’s presence and guidance, salvation by grace through faith, and the authority of the Bible. We baptize in the name of Jesus in the great waters. Salvation is in the name of Jesus alone. We are preparing with conviction for the removal of the church. 

The lead, Pastor


My name is Joseph TSHILAMBA WANZAMBI. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I live in the United States with my family since 2015.

Divine call and Vision

I am a pastor since 1995.
My call has been a mystery. It is at the age of 5 that I already felt my divine call. At that age, I was able to gather the whole family every night for a service that consisted of memorizing the whole Catholic liturgy to repeat at home since I was born in a Catholic family. This is how I established a life of prayer in my family until the age of 11. From the age of 11 to 22, I was totally lost and immersed in the life of sin. At 22 years old, I received the call of the Lord miraculously. I was in my room in KANANGA when I was reading Luke 16:19-32. I heard the voice of the Lord asking me who would you like to be among these 4 people? There was the rich man, the poor Lazarus, the five brothers of the rich man, Moses and the prophets. As I began to examine the lives of all the people, I thought to myself, if I become Moses or the Prophets and if the people who listen to me will be saved, that is, I myself will already be saved. That’s how I answered the Lord’s question that I want to become Moses or the Prophets. This is how I left the world to follow Christ and become his servant.


Need to get in touch

You are not alone; we are here to support you in prayer, whatever your needs may be.

I am in need of prayers

You are not alone; we are here to support you in prayer, whatever your needs may be.

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